Writing my way through the school year!

Learning Begins at Home

I hosted a cookout at my house yesterday. While I was sitting on the deck, one of my guest’s 8 year old daughter walked by, and I noticed her shoelaces were untied. I asked her to tie her shoelaces because I didn’t want her to trip and fall. She replied that she didn’t know how to tie her shoes! I was shocked!

It made me think, this is  one of the “home” lessons that seem to have gone out the window.  So many students come to school without the basics “home” lessons.  ABC’s, potty training, tying one’s shoelaces,  it’s become the norm to send the child to school and hope for the best. Teachers have truly become accountable for things that used to be taught at home.  I’ve found myself on my knees many a time, tying a shoelace because a lot of the little ones were never taught.

I wonder if the “Powers That Be” (non-educators), take this into consideration when they hold teachers “accountable.”  We have to stop letting parents off the hook, and hold them accountable as well, no excuses!


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