Writing my way through the school year!

“Goodbye Suckers!”

A colleague invited myself and a few other colleagues to brunch at her house. I thought it was such a wonderful way to begin the school year.   Arriving at her house, I was greeted with a greeting of, “I retired on Friday!” and a glass of mimosa. I wasn’t surprised, this teacher “did her time”, and was weary of all the pettiness and the micromanaging.   She was good at her job, but her sharp tongue towards administration, and sometimes the kids, would get her in trouble. She said what she had to say, consequences be damned! I will miss her political notes sent on a napkin, her brash humor, and charming wit. Gossiping, or trying to, because her hearing was going, as we passed each other in the hallway. The smell of Starbucks coffee in her room, even though no one was supposed to have a coffeemaker! I’m sure the kids will miss her ability to teach, if not her screeching at their inability to sit still and listen. Brunch was a great goodbye, seafood Quiche, and a blueberry pastry,made with fresh blueberries, and the champagne glass filled with mimosa. As I hugged her goodbye, and wished her well, she turned to the group and said, “Goodbye suckers!” She will be missed!


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