Writing my way through the school year!

“Ready or not, here I come!” I can remember shouting these words as a child many, many,times as I played with my friends on the streets of Brooklyn. Now every year, my principals and colleagues start the day before the students come with the phrase, “Are You ready?” I always laugh, and say , “No.”, it’s true we’re never ready. But, I got to meet three of my students yesterday, and it helped take the edge off the first day. And yes, as you know, all teachers, have the first day jitters, even 26 year veterans like myself.
During the walk through, I met, who from now on I will think of as “the aunts.” They didn’t bring their niece because she was out shopping. Apparently, their niece was worried about being in the 5th grade, and not measuring up. One of the aunts and I talked for awhile, and as she walked out the door she said, “I will tell G not to worry, you sound like an awesome teacher!” Aaaaah.:) Next came M, her eyes practically glowed as she looked around the room. She had waited a whole year to be in my class. You see, I am a technology junkie, technology is my drug, and believe me, by the end of the year, my whole class is addicted. Her Mom said to her, “Are you excited?” She said, “Yes!” Aaaaah.:) And the last student came in with her sister, a former student of one of my colleagues. We chatted a little, and then the older sister said, “B is nervous about being in your class, she heard you were…” I finished her sentence, “Mean”? I had heard that rumour too. Her sister backed up from my desk, mortified. I laughed and explained that I wasn’t mean, but I was strict. I think she breathed a sigh of relief, we’ll see. Ready or not, they’re coming, and I feel like my students, a little scared, a little nervous, and very, very, excited!!!


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