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I introduced my students to blogging on Friday.  I created accounts for them on Kidblog and asked them to post about anything they wanted.  They were so excited, and I was so excited that they were so excited! I got that warm, fuzzy, feeling, that teachers get when we know learning is about to take place.   Teachers tend to see blogging as a frivolous activity, but  I see it as an opportunity to get my students to express themselves to a global audience. One of my students, who by the way, I had been warned about, has posted not once, but twice this weekend! His first sentence is , “School is Cool!”  How could anyone possibly  regard blogging as a waste of time? I have 26 students, and 20 of them posted over the weekend. And yes, I said the weekend!  Most of the posts are posts about how awesome I am, but I’ll get them past that.:)  Opening my students’s eyes to the world that is beyond their neighborhood, allowing them to share their thoughts and adventures with others, will make this blogging thing I got going, worthwhile!


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