Writing my way through the school year!

One of my students lost her aunt two days ago. I met her aunt August 17, she was one of the “aunts” I spoke of in an earlier blog. She isn’t the one I spoke to about my student, because she was too busy dealing with her energetic 6 year old boy.  She came in the room , introduced herself and her son, and excitedly informed me he would be starting kindergarten tomorrow. As a mom myself, I know that feeling, I experienced it twice. My student came back to school today, and she seems ok, I don’t know how her cousin is doing, a six year old boy who lost his mom unexpectedly, starting kindergarten. I hugged my student when she walked in the door, knowing we’re not supposed to hug,but, having just lost my Dad on the 12th of August, I knew she needed it.  I will be  cognizant of my student and her feelings, and hopefully her cousin’s teacher will too. As teachers, we have to understand that on a daily basis some of  our students’ face challenges we can’t begin to comprehend, and although we may not want the responsibility, we have to teach them and comfort them as well.


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