Writing my way through the school year!

The Teacher’s Lounge

I eat lunch  in my classroom.  I sit with a good book, and the lamp on my desk I eat in my room for a reason. I can not tolerate eating in the Teacher’s Lounge.  Sometimes, I felt sorry for a new teacher who entered the lounge, what must they think?  After a half hour of  listening to seasoned teachers disparaging parents and students alike, are they ready to leave the profession, or do they join in, believing it’s normal? It’s wasn’t all the teachers, it’s a core group, and they were merciless.  We all gripe from time to time, but they were vicious. Comments about parents on drugs or drinking, all unproven accusations. Calling the children stupid or questioning why the parents are still “breeding.” Day after day, they’d gather together around the table , spewing their venom, regardless of who was around them.  Once, we had a substitute complain to the principal, and refuse to return to our school after spending her lunchtime in our Teacher’s Lounge.  We need to be mindful of how we talk about our kids and their parents , no matter how often they annoy us. Keep in mind, it has to be difficult to go back to the classroom, and leave that attitiude behind.  Remember why you’re there!


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