Writing my way through the school year!

Let’s think about this…. I have sent at least 5 Missing Homework letters home with your child and she has only been in school for about 6 weeks.  I called you, emailed you, and you did not respond.  Today you send  a letter asking me, not only to keep your child in from recess, but to send home extra work!  Ha, ha, ha!!!! All I could do is laugh! Your daughter than tried to convince me to send home extra “worksheets.”  Although I have given you the link, not once, twice, but three times, where I have provided access to a multitude of links and resources that your child can access at home. I post the homework EVERY DAY, so if you just took one minute, one minute, out of your busy day, you would know what homework your child has, and maybe,just maybe, you could make her do it! She doesn’t need extra work, how about it if she does the work I send home? Am I asking too much? I can not be the teacher at school and home, I have children too.  I make my child do his work, that is my job as a parent! Step up to the plate, parents, take back the responsibility of raising your child, I can’t do it all!


Comments on: "Parent Accountability! Letter to a parent." (2)

  1. baconpirates said:

    As a parent, I’d like to thank you for being the teacher who makes the homework easily available. I could have used a few more like you back in the day.

    My son had chronic homework issues until he started high school. He attends a charter school that puts all assignments online, is consistent about consequences, and the consequences are the same for every homework infraction over all four years. On the first day of Tenth Grade, he knew exactly what would happen when he didn’t do his homework, and he already knew he didn’t like it. Their system also ended power struggles between me and my kid.

    I’m shaking my head at this parent. Where on earth is the disconnect? This ain’t rocket science.

  2. got2havefaith said:

    I agree that parents have a responsibility to get their kids to do homework. Teachers shouldn’t be expected to be babysitters.

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