Writing my way through the school year!

Skating Party!

I love going to social events with the students! Tonight was our annual after school skating party. It gives me a chance to relax and have a good time with my students in a different setting. Even the ones that got on my nerves all day, are given a hug and forgiven. A lot of my former students come too, so it gives me a chance to catch up with them. I haven’t skated for the last three years. I walk around having   informal conversations with my former and present parents and students, learning a little more about them, as they learn about me.  My principal is always there, along with some of the other teachers, just having fun! There used to be a time when teachers lived in the neighborhood, and would see the kids  in the community, no more. So, the skating party is my little sense of community, bonding if you will,with my kids and parents!


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