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Veteran’s Day- My Students Know Why We’re Off!

Honor a veteran! We had a grandparent of one of my students visit us today in honor of “Take a Vet to School Day.”  It was quite an educational experience.  I got the idea from a website, and he was willing to come in and talk to the kids.  We made a poster welcoming him, and then I had a student read a proclamation thanking him. I found the proclamation on a Veteran’s Day website. I prepared my students with background history about Veteran’s Day and Vietnam. We sat in a circle and asked him prepared and unprepared questions.  He was patient and answered all their questions. He would even say, “Any more questions?”  They were enthralled. Their thank you letters demonstrated the gratitude they had for this grandpa. We learned so much.  I always tell my students that war is not a fun, exciting event like it’s portrayed on television.  He gave them some insight into what it’s really like, but also why he did it.  Most of the thank you letters used the word “honor”, and that’s what we should do, honor those who fought, and are still fighting for our freedom.

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