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“Hot Chocolate and a Movie”

The Christmas  holiday have become a hotbed within schools. You can’t say “Merry Christmas”,  a Christmas tree is a no-no, and the list of political correctness is endless.  However, teachers are industrious souls and we always find a way around.  The tree in our lobby is “The Giving Tree”.  It’s filled with hats, scarves, and gloves for needy families in our school community. We don’t have presents under our tree, we have  canned goods donated by our families, who choose to give to those who don’t.  Most of my students celebrate Christmas, but I have a few who don’t, because of their religious beliefs.  I respect that, and do not push my views on them.  However, they are children and deserve a little  holiday fun!  I don’t have a Christmas party  anymore, I host “Hot Chocolate and a Movie.”  The kids  bring the mugs, they love this part! 🙂  I supply hot chocolate, chips, and a movie.  This year we watched “Toy Story 3”. They sit with their friends. watch a movie, and sip hot chocolate while eating chips.  Life is good for them, they are content.  The great part is, all my kids can participate, as we enjoy time together before our Christmas, ooops, I mean Winter break.:)


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