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Am I in High School Again?

WARNING! This is not an educational post! ūüôā¬†¬†

What is it with adults, that no matter how old we get, it still seems like we’re in high school? You have the popular¬†“kids”, the¬†nerdy”kids”, the outcast, you know what I’m talking about.¬† Why can’t we give up the cliques and the foolishness with age?¬† Why must we continue to relive high school?¬† You’re probably saying it happens everywhere, but should it?¬† Is this the type of¬† behavior adults should exhibit in a professional environment?

I gossip at times,¬†but¬† I try to keep it to a minimum, which is probably why I don’t know half of what’s going on. I mean the part that doesn’t have to do with education, of course.¬† Maybe these things happen all over the country, and I should just accept it as the norm.

“Secret Happy Hour”, are you serious?

¬†“Pssst, be quiet”, is whispered, as a colleague passes¬†a group of ¬†teachers in the hallway, ” Not everyone knows about this Happy Hour.”¬†

¬†That teacher felt like crap, and no it wasn’t me.:) Or, how about when one teacher stops speaking to her teammate for two days, not only to her teammate, , but to that teacher’s friend, because of a suggestion at a meeting¬† ! Here’s a good one, one teacher makes an off the cuff, meant to be humourous statement, to another teacher who is considered a friend. By the¬†middle of the day, he is approached about the remark he made! ¬†I ask again, am I in high school? How about teachers on the same team who only share with certain teachers?¬†¬†I know, it’s kind of crazy to even write about. I guess I was wondering if¬† the same behavior exists everywhere.¬† All¬† I know is , Spring Break is not too far away for me!


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