Writing my way through the school year!

WARNING! This is not an educational post! 🙂  

What is it with adults, that no matter how old we get, it still seems like we’re in high school? You have the popular “kids”, the nerdy”kids”, the outcast, you know what I’m talking about.  Why can’t we give up the cliques and the foolishness with age?  Why must we continue to relive high school?  You’re probably saying it happens everywhere, but should it?  Is this the type of  behavior adults should exhibit in a professional environment?

I gossip at times, but  I try to keep it to a minimum, which is probably why I don’t know half of what’s going on. I mean the part that doesn’t have to do with education, of course.  Maybe these things happen all over the country, and I should just accept it as the norm.

“Secret Happy Hour”, are you serious?

 “Pssst, be quiet”, is whispered, as a colleague passes a group of  teachers in the hallway, ” Not everyone knows about this Happy Hour.” 

 That teacher felt like crap, and no it wasn’t me.:) Or, how about when one teacher stops speaking to her teammate for two days, not only to her teammate, , but to that teacher’s friend, because of a suggestion at a meeting  ! Here’s a good one, one teacher makes an off the cuff, meant to be humourous statement, to another teacher who is considered a friend. By the middle of the day, he is approached about the remark he made!  I ask again, am I in high school? How about teachers on the same team who only share with certain teachers?  I know, it’s kind of crazy to even write about. I guess I was wondering if  the same behavior exists everywhere.  All  I know is , Spring Break is not too far away for me!


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