Writing my way through the school year!

  Technology makes it very easy to address all students learning styles, auditory, visual, and tactile.  My class was studying the Bill of Rights, and technology helped me differentiate instruction.  Having taken the SMARTboard class, I created a Notebook 10 unit that contains, “Life Without the Bill of Rights” , An Interactive Guide to the Bill of RightsThe Bill of Rights Rap (Youtube),  Bill of Rights Concentration game,  , The Bill of Rights game, addressing every learning style.  It made the lessons so much more enjoyable, and gave each child a chance to learn using their learning style. Lastly, we read the SS textbook and discussed it because nonfiction reading is still important.   After completing the unit, I wanted to see if they actually understood what they had learned.

I gave my students an  assignment to create a comic strip using Bitstrips for Schools.  They had to create a comic strip that demonstrated a violation of the Bill of Rights.(See below) I thought this was much more interesting  then writing an essay. 🙂 Some of them took longer than others, some put more effort into it than others, but they all demonstrated understanding of the concept.I believe technology makes our job easier, not more difficult. It helps our 21st century students succeed!

Article on Multiple Intelligences and MultiMedia taken from the site: Technology Impact on Learning.


Comments on: "Using Technology to Teach to All Learning Styles!(Multiple Intelligences)" (2)

  1. Wow! This is so neat. Is that comic strip one that your students did? How old are they? Bitstrips seems like a really great teaching tool.

    • Yes Sarah, this is from one of my students. They are 11-12 years old,5th graders. I only have a 30 day trial of BitStrips. I’m going to try and convince my principal to pay for it for the next school year. 🙂

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