Writing my way through the school year!

Speak Up For Education and Kids is a group started by the National Education Association to unite educators and community members  committed to investing in education, preventing harmful cuts, and ensuring students have the bright futures they deserve! I came across their site on Facebook.

 They have a section called Ed Votes poll. I checked out their  poll and the question was, ” Which gift you would most like to receive on May 3 for Teacher Appreciation Day?”   I found it interesting because their choices were not typical choices. For example, one of their choices was a request for more professional development opportunities. Another was smaller class sizes so teachers can give individual attention to students. (My choice).  So far, smaller class sizes is in the lead, followed by less standardized testing.  A number of teachers responded with choices of their own. One teacher commented that she would like her job back! If you have a second, please add your voice to the votes. I am going to check back later.  Maybe they can show the votes to our legislators, so they can see what we really want!  Speaking for myself, I don’t need another bag with the district logo on it!

Education Votes Poll: What Gift Would You Like to Receive on May 3?


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  3. I am so glad someone has addressed this issue. Not only should educators have more opportunities for professional education opportunities, they should also have a say in choosing the ones that are most effective. Adults are adults and they want to be in the driver’s seat of their learning path and make decisions about the best way to do so. I recommend e-learning for professional development for educators. Self-directed learning is often a cost-effective, time–saving model that just makes sense. Additionally, you can build online communities to assist with the learning process.

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