Writing my way through the school year!

   Get it?   Usually you run around the web looking for websites. With Jog the Web, you bundle what you want in one place and “jog” from site to site, well, sort of. 🙂

Anyway,  I found out about  Jog the Web  from one of  the wonderful teachers in the Edmodo Language Arts community.  I was really grateful because I am conducting a workshop on some of the websites I use in my classroom.  This came in right on time, and it is very simple to use.

You have to create an account, and then you can get started creating your Jog..  There is a section to add the title , the URL, and a page comment(description) of the site, then you hit SAVE.  You can add as many sites as you choose.  Each site has a page number, and you can change the position of the links you added while you’re creating or editing your jog.  I found out that if you click a number of times, it will move your link more than one position at a time.  When your jog is displayed, it is a slide show of the sites you added, complete with the attractive title page made from one of their templates. The great part is that the sites can be accessed through the jog, you do not have to leave the jog to get to the sites, unless you want to. AND, not only can you add Internet content, you can also add your own content.  There is a chance to purchase a Premium account for those of you who want more.

Don’t want to lose your jog?  You can save it to your Favorites.  Want to share your jog?   Share by email, embed it, use the link URL, or use the Bookmark and Share box which is  filled with a number of ways to share!  They even have a Help button which can be turned on and off. One more thing, your jog is public unless you have a premium account.  This means others can view your Jog, but by the same token, there are wonderful Jogs that you can view as well!

One small annoying thing, when you go from slide to slide, text pops up that says, “We’re Trying to Load…”. for about 2 seconds. Maybe it won’t happen to you. But, I don’t mind, it’s worth the time!

WONDERFUL WEBSITES! – This is my Jog that I am using to guide my workshop. (Tools for Integrating Technology in the Classroom)And each teacher walks away with this Jog, which they can access anytime they want!

Using a Glog to Construct Knowledge – an example of how a teacher used Jog the Web for a class project.

Bag the Web – another tool like Jog the Web, except you “bag” your sites. Very cool!


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