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The School Year Will End on June ____, 2011! The School Year Will End on June ____, 2011!

It has begun. The comments.

 “I hate teachers, you guys get the entire summer off.” 

“I wish I could sit home for three months and do nothing.”

“Do you get paid when you’re off?”

And the one that really ticks me off, “You all have it easy.” HA!

What people don’t realize is that after spending 177 days, (doesn’t seem like much does it), with other people’s children, you are ready to take a year off, not just two to three months. We are drained, physically and emotionally. When you are all things to 25-30+ students, day in and day out, you are wiped out.  If teachers did not get this break, we might go ” teachal”.  Doesn’t quite have the same ring as “postal” does it?   But, you get what I mean. And I would be remiss if I did not mention the  parents, administrators, district policies, standardized testing, every single day, a new day of challenges. I am ready.

I am down to the last two weeks of teaching this group, it’s been an experience. Is it more difficult because I am getting older?  Is it  the difference in the students, many parents’ inablility or refusal to “raise” their children, micromanaging of teachers in the classroom, standardized testing, and the latest trend, teacher bashing, that has me longing for this break more than I ever have before? I don’t know. But,  I am ready.

During the summer, I will enjoy my break. I will sit on the deck and enjoy a good book. I will vacation with my family. I will work on my novel, which will make me famous. 🙂   But I will also do what so many teachers do, continue to teach and/or continue to learn. I will stay in touch with my PLNs. Catching up on all the blogs and newsletters I subscribe to, but rarely get a chance to read,  will also be one of my tasks.   I will take classes on and offline, continuing my goal to be a lifelong learner. Most of all, I will allow myself a chance to exhale, so that I can start again.

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