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“Glad You Could Make It!” Open House Happiness!

It’s the little things.

Monday was Open House. It went very well, I had a great turnout! Only three parents didn’t make it.  I give credit for the huge turnout to the cute little invite I send home with magnet tape on the back and the words, “Stick this on your refrigerator”, the raffle (items I find around the classroom), and my new friend Remind101.  But that’s not why I’m writing this post.

A colleague of mine gave me this idea. It’s a single sheet of paper divided into two.  The title reads “Glad You Could Make It”.  At the top the students write to their parents.  The students took their time and wrote a heartfelt message to their parents. The one I saw the most was, “Look at my work!”   At the bottom, the parents respond to their child.

In the morning, the kids read what their parents wrote. Every parent responded!  I have to admit it, I took a peek  at the ones that were left face up on the desks. What a mixture of messages;  “I am proud of you”,  “The sky is the limit” , “I loved your work”, and of course, my favorite, “Your teacher seems nice.” 🙂

I allowed my students to share their letters during Morning Meeting.  The pride and love they felt reading the responses from their parents enveloped our circle.  I hope they treasure these letters.

A simple sheet of paper. It’s the little things.:)  GLAD YOU COULD MAKE IT LETTER TO PARENT

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