Writing my way through the school year!

Teachers don’t make much money, correct?  It’s common knowledge that we are one of the hardest working professions, make very little money, and yet , we have a high level of “out-of-pocket” expenses.  That’s why I (and probably every teacher I know), love it when someone comes out with a Fun Resource that Entertains and Engages,(FREE) ! Get it?

However, what irks, and disappoints, me are the companies who provide you with a free tool when they first enter the market.   They reel you in and you  use their products for an entire school year, loving every minute of it.  Finally, you get to the “How could I teach without this? point, and then BAM! They want you to pay! And yes, I’m calling two of  them out, Voki and Glogster! I fell in love with these tools and they became an integral part of my classroom. At least I had a warning with Glogster, (not that it made any difference), but Voki, good gosh! That one really upset me, because I used those cute little Avatars for everything last year!

Isn’t there another way? Couldn’t they be a little less expensive? And I’m already way ahead of them on solutions to affordability.

“Write a grant” they say.  Grant writing is a timely process and just like money, that’s not something I have a lot of!

“Ask your district”, they say, and to this I say, “Hah!” No, I say, “Hah, Hah!!”

“JUST $29.95 a year!” Well imagine if I pay every company for the tool I enjoy using $29.95 a year every year! Do the Math…

“We have the free version”, and the free version sucksess-fully keeps me from giving 20+ kids what they really need.

I know, it’s their companies and they have the right to charge and make a profit, it’s the American way! I  am also aware that I do not have to purchase the product or tool. But understand this, I am one of those teachers.  That teacher that is going to dig among the lint in his/her pocket, swipe that card, and buy that product, in order to offer my students the education I would give my own children. A lot of us are, and maybe that’s why many of these companies start charging after they gauge how many of us would pay.

But, enough venting, I end with a special shout-out, “Woo-hoo” to all those companies, (You know who you are), that offer teachers tools that are still free, (or even give a free version that’s doable), you are appreciated!:)


Comments on: "The Best Things in Life are FREE!" (8)

  1. I too am one of those teachers, but now that I have two young men in college and a husband who is retired, I can no longer be one of those teachers. I wish I had all the money I have spent over 35 years of teaching. I would be able to retire and not have to eat
    cat food. Oh, well, I still love teaching, but I no longer can afford to be one of those teachers. I don’t buy a lot for my classroom. I make do and I think I am still a good teacher.
    Maybe one of these years I will retire. A word to the wise to the wide to new teachers. DOn’t spend a lot of your own money. Put it is a safe place for retirement and watch it grow. You will need it the way the world is going. Thank you for letting me make my rant.

    • I agree. I used to go to the Teacher Store and spend almost $100.00, not anymore. My principal used to give us $200 to spend, then $100, now we get nothing. There’s so much I want for my class, but I don’t have that kind of money. That’s why I use DonorsChoose to get what I need.

  2. notswallowedinthesea said:

    America isn’t the only country charging teachers for resources. They do that in Australia too! I’m using a lot of resources from UK. Somehow the UK have not started charging… (yet)…!

  3. […] OVATION goes to Lisa-ROCK STAR-Mims, for her Class Report on Remind101, Reviews, and awesome post about the beauty of free ed. tech. post about the beauty of free ed. tech. Lori-A SMART PHONE IS THE LEAST YOU DESERVE-Graciana made an awesome post this week about one of […]

  4. I went unto that mishap with Glogster. I have not used Voki just yet. However, since I was a new user, they allowed me to keep the educator´s license for free until 2013. Let´s hope my income has become generous enough to pay the license!

  5. I have a hard time convincing teachers that our site will ALWAYS be free… no hidden “catch” 6 months from now. And I understand why they are so gun shy! Be assured that our site will remain free of charge – free to everyone EXCEPT the very generous benefactor who has even committed the proceeds of his estate to the ongoing maintenance of the website. I’m so thankful for men like him, who don’t want teachers to have to dig through the lint in their pocket! And also SO thankful for teachers like yourself who DO dig through the lint, because you want what is best for your kids. Keep up the great work!

    Director of Training @ WatchKnowLearn.org

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