Writing my way through the school year!

As I read my tweets, talk about Pinterest kept appearing in various Tweets. It appeared in blogs and links, and it seemed that everyone, eveverywhere, was talking about it.   I took a quick look, wasn’t that interested, and left the site.

I returned to the site after I posted , “How Do You Know You’re a Teacher? by Jeff Foxworthy and it ended up pinned, pinned, and repinned, my pinterest was piqued. 🙂 The number of people who visited my blog,  just from viewing it on someone’s  Pinterest board was amazing!  I sheepishly went back to this site I had previously dismissed, and found out I had to request an invitation. Fortunately, they didn’t know I had dissed them earlier,  and  I was accepted into the Pinterest flock with open arms!:)

I like it, I really like it! My first task was to start pinning blogs I like to keep up with. No way, I could get all of them at once, but I think I’ m off to a good start.  Next, I will pin some resources I use, and then I’ll pin a few Pinterest education sites I’ve come across, and then… Well, you get it…

Another great advantage of Pinterest is the number of Education boards out there! I have been clicking through the referrals on my site and have come across some really interesting ones that I am now following. I have my little pinmarklet embedded on my toolbar, ready and waiting, to pin the next good thing that comes along! Pin It


Comments on: "Hmmm… HOW (P)INTEREST(ing)!" (3)

  1. I was just pondering Pinterest myself. I may need to give it a second look. Thanks!

  2. I absolutely love Pinterest for the teacher resources. The ideas, units, free printables, etc. are unbelievable! I would love to follow you on Pinterest, you probably have amazing boards!

  3. Pinterest is a great resource! Glad you are in the know now!

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