Writing my way through the school year!

Today was Data Day! Yeah!  We spent the day going over ALL the data we have gathered in the last month.

We had Chit Chat this morning. It’s when a team provides breakfast for the rest of the staff. My principal stayed up late writing on these eggs.

I guess it was meant as a joke, but to me it emphasized “too many eggs in one basket.”  Look at what is written on those eggs.  These are all the things we are forced to implement in our school, this year alone! No, I don’t find it funny at all. The demands they place on us are no “yolk” at all.

By the way, a Question Audit is when you gather questions from your colleagues, and then write them on Post-Its. (different colors by grade).  Then you place them under ,what you think, is the Bloom’s Taxonomy term it fits under. Then you look at it as a group, and discuss which grade is using higher order level thinking, and which isn’t, based on five questions you obtained in only ten minutes.

The best part of the day is when we were actually given some time to sit together as a team and collaborate, Sigh, you probably know eggxactly how I feel. 🙂


Comments on: "“Eggxasperating Acronyms Rule My School!”" (8)

  1. Anna Salgado said:

    Yes, I do know eggsactly how you feel. Definitely one of the factors leading to my upcoming retirement. Talk is cheap, action provides a greater reward. I am truly getting to hate staff meetings and PLC. I do think the photo is a telling one.

    • I feel the same way Anna and Matt. I enjoy the notion of PLC. Unfortunately, that is not what is being practiced in my school or district. It’s all words, their actions do not follow what they are saying.

  2. The whole thing seems scrambled. What a waste of good eggs.

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  4. kellibell said:

    This is why I get heartburn every Sunday before a week of school. Too many eggs. Teaching is no longer fun for me…..can’t wait until my retirement.

  5. oh I do so love professional days! We have a combined middle, high school program, so because the middle school did not have pd day today, I got to cover the program for the absent middle school teacher’s class. Definitely an improvement. When I got sent out of the pd session, they were writing Bloom Taxonomy questions.

    oh did I mention how much I love cute “hooks” into the pd session?

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