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Comments on: "Standardized Testing: The Monster that Ate American Education" (6)

  1. Who is this brilliant lady? She states the obvious so eloquently that even the deliberately ignorant MUST understand her the gravity of her message.

  2. Ashmahalah Martin said:

    We are currently dealing with the same issue at my school.. Last year, the school received an “F” based on the standardized test. This year, the district is threatening to shut us down if we receive another one, but like this brilliant young lady mentioned, they do not take into consideration the demographics of the school. This year the FCAT test is also being grader harder which means there are going to be a lot more “D’s” and “F’s”.

  3. Diane Ravitch, an architect of No Child Left Behind, has much to say about the evils of standardized testing. Read her book, “The Life and Death of the Great American School System.”

    There are plenty of others out there who state valid criticisms of this monstrous procedure. Marion Brady comes to mind easily.

    What must happen is teachers and building administrators (Principals) must have the courage to refuse to continue the absurd testing. It is time for some civil (or maybe not so civil) disobedience.

  4. “Standardized testing is harmful to children’s brains.” I love this woman!

  5. This historian is Diane Ravitch. http://www.dianeravitch.com/

    Wikipedia has this to say about her: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diane_Ravitch

    Her books and work are worth getting to know about. I believe she has it correct.

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