Writing my way through the school year!

This was shown at our workshop by the presenter, John Kuglin , I think it is so appropriate. What happens when you take the same old thing and make it fun? What happens when educators find another way to engage our students? And just because something is fun, it doesn’t mean it is not useful. Let’s “fungage” our students, let them enjoy learning. I’m not saying 24 hour party in your room,  I’m talking about educational “fun”.It’s a different generation, and no matter how much we debate this point, we have to meet them where and how they are.

Comments on: "“Fungagement” is Necessary in Our Classrooms!" (3)

  1. I once read where a great blog needs to be interesting, entertaining and informative… IN THAT ORDER!

    You CAPTURE people’s attention because it’s INTERESTING!
    You KEEP people’s attention because it’s ENTERTAINING!
    And because you deliver your information in a way that is both interesting AND entertaining, it most likely will be retained for a long time; even forever.

    This applies to practically everything in life; even CLASSROOMS!

    All the best from Toronto,

  2. I totally agree. I think kids pay better attention, and remember more, if they are enjoying the lesson and actually want to see what happens. I try to make all of my lessons fun by adding lots of hands on stuff, games, crafts, and whatever other novelties I can toss in.

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