Writing my way through the school year!

Adding and Subtracting Large Numbers
Hmmmm…How can I make adding and subtracting large numbers fun? What do I love almost as much as new technology? Shopping of course! And my students loved it as well!READ MORE…


Comments on: "Who Doesn’t Love Shopping? Adding and Subtracting Large Numbers!" (1)

  1. Great post! It’s true that once you include a list. money , and a shopping, the youth get excited. Our discussion started with would you like your parnets to buy you gifts or just give you money? Most of my workshop participants said just give me the money. That’s when I explain that your parents will not give you the same value of that gift in funds. It will be be less. Once they realized that they could not get everything they wanted with the money, there eyes werenow open to money and budgets. http://www.dennardmitchell.com/programs.html

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