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When Learning is the Last Thing on a Student’s Mind!

I decided to fast on Fridays for Lent. I have never fasted before, so this was as big deal for me.  I decided that I would eat something in the morning, and then eat at sunset.

I was hungry.

My stomach started growling a little before lunch.Food was on my mind the entire day.  It was hard for me to concentrate on anything but my empty stomach.But here’s the difference between myself and some of the kids we teach. I had a meal waiting for me.  I could go to the store, to a restaurant, to a friends, I could eat.READ MORE

I’m Not Retiring, And You Can’t Make Me!


Are you an “old” teacher?

Are you one of those teachers people think they have the right to ask, “When are you going to retire?”


I had that conversation with a younger 20 something colleague recently.

I wanted to respond to her question by stating, “None of your business.”, but I was polite.

I said, “When my mortgage is paid, or I get really, really, tired of this job.”

She was persistent.READ MORE

I’m Going to Disney World!: Vacationing During School!


“Mrs.M, I’m going to Disney World!”

“Fantastic, have a wonderful time! When are you leaving?”

“The week before Spring Break,we are going for a week!”

My mouth opens, and closes, because I can not say what I want to say. One of my students reminded me years ago, “It’s not my fault.”, and he was right. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut.READ MORE

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Digital, Yes! Native, No! :The Myth About Digital Natives!


“Mom, can I borrow your camcorder?”

His next question, “Mom,do you have a flash drive?”

A what? 🙂

My son’s Senior Project was due in three days.  My son hates letting me see his work because I automatically shift into teacher mode. My expectations for him are higher than what is expected of him in school. Therefore, he doesn’t let me see anything that he is required to do.READ MORE
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Math WorkSheets Land:A Different Kind of Worksheet!

This morning I noticed I was being followed, (on Twitter), by Julia Leonard of MathWorksheetsLand.

I cringed. I am not a fan of worksheets. I especially detest Math worksheets with 20 or more problems written in nice, neat descending rows, daring you to complete them all. Of course, if you know what you are doing, piece of cake. If you don’t, it’s a jumble of meaningless numbers. My motto is, if you can’t do one, you can’t do 20!READ MORE…

Do I Do That? Teachers in Public!


At the end of the day, one of my students approached me.

“Mrs.M, my mom and I went to a restaurant last night,and we were sitting by three teachers.  They were talking about their students and saying mean things.  They were calling them stupid, weird, and ugly.”READ MORE…

They Say That School is a Bad Mother…I’m Talkin About Garfield High!



I admire the teachers of Garfield High so much! What they have done, are still doing is amazing! Not only amazing, but very brave. In the scheme of things, everyone might not see what they are doing as heroic.READ MORE…

Top 3 Posts of February 2013!

“I Apologize” An Open Letter to My Students!
I am sorry…

If You’re Happy and You Know It…! Happy Students = Happy Teachers!..

Fairy Tale Jeopardy! JeopardyLabs:This is Not Powerpoint!READ MORE

You Catch More Flies with Honey! Lesson ReLearned!


It’s funny because I wrote this post in March 2012, and ended the title with the words, “lesson learned”.

I guess I forgot the lesson for a bit. READ MORE…

Padlet(Wallwisher) – Innovative Collaboration!

-Word of Mouth- Tech Tools and Resources!- Padlet(Wallwisher) - Innovative Collaboration!

Happened to visit Padlet today, then saw it mentioned on the blog, Technology Tailgate. So, that was a sign to me that I should write a post about it. 🙂 READ MORE…

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