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Damult Dice!:A Math Game Everyone Will Love!

What is Damult Dice?
During  #5thchat, a  “tweecher” tweeted about Damult Dice.
My immediate reaction was, “What’s Damult Dice?” Amy sent me all the info I needed to play this game and I was hooked. I shared it with my students the next day. I shared it with a few teachers. Yes, I was that excited about this game! READ MORE

No Money for Schools..But Money for Pearson?

The content of this article, “Schools Add to Test Load, Just to Test Questions”,. How our students are being used as guinea pigs to field test future tests.

But then, this jumped out at me, ” The (NY)state currently has a five-year, $32 million contract with Pearson, a testing company.” READ MORE..

Why Can’t We Keep the Music Teacher?: Losing Arts in Schools.


I sat, mesmerized, as the music teacher coaxed the most beautiful songs out of 30-40 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  This was not the first time. I have been to many of her concerts, and I am always amazed. READ MORE

Vocabulary and Spelling City: Lovin’ It One Year Later!

It’s been a year since I began using SpellingCity. I have to say that my students and I really enjoy using it. Not only that, but SpellingCity keeps finding new ways to keep my students engaged with added features, all beneficial to the classroom.

These are the features I loved a year ago, and thankfully, still exist today:READ MORE

Teachers, Targets, and Test Scores!

My stomach is in knots and I want to scream.
I want to hit something.
I look at my students’ test scores, the growth they have made,and I am proud of them.
I refused to teach to the test, and they still kicked DCAS !

I looked down the AYP column on the all-glorious data chart, and saw that some of my students grew by over 100 points. Only two of my students did not show “growth”.READ MORE…


Appreciating Teachers!: My Top 10!

Chocolate, gift certificates, and lunch are great! I really do appreciate all the thanks I have received during the week.

But I’d like to  share some tips on what would REALLY make me feel appreciated!

This goes out to anyone who interacts with teachers,in no particular order:READ MORE

When is a PLC, Not a PLC?


I wrote a post with this title  in 2011.
Fast forward.
A couple of weeks ago we were handed a rubric. The purpose of the rubric was to provide feedback on our PLC. However, it should be understood that the rubric is NOT evaluative.
I think if it walks like it’s evaluative, and talks like it’s evaluative…READ MORE


“My Resume is Ready”: Losing Good Teachers!


Not my words. 

I live and breathe teaching. I really can’t imagine doing anything else, well, except writing.

These words were spoken by a teacher friend of mine.

He sounded so down when he said it.:(

He is overwhelmed, as are we all.READ MORE

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