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“That Teacher”: A Blessing or a Curse?

In February I read an article by Angela Watson, “Should the Toughest Kids Be Placed With the Best Teacher?” I clicked the box to notify me of follow-up comments because I thought it was such an interesting topic. A lot of discussion ensued, and even now, I still get a comment notification regarding the blog post.READ MORE.

The Rewards of Teaching!:It’s Not About the Money, Honey!


Don’t get me wrong. I like getting paid to teach. Now if someone offered to cover the mortgage …READ MORE

Where Does Data Come From? : Replacing “Teach”er with “Test”

Data can guide instruction. I get it. I have used data to guide instruction, and it works.

But just like anything else, too much of a good thing makes it… too much! READ MORE

What is a Great Teacher?: From the Mouth of My Babes!



Their assignment: In two or three sentences, tell me what a great teacher is.  So, we shared a Google document, and they added their thoughts.Of course I got “the teacher lets me go out for extra recess”. I also got some the “teacher doesn’t give a lot of tests or homework”.  But below are a few that made me smile and/or touched my heart.READ MORE


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Teachers, Targets, and Test Scores!

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