Writing my way through the school year!

You know you saw it. You saw her go up one side of him and down the other. You felt so bad for him. But what did you do? You walked past, eyes averted, hoping to save him from further embarrassment. She looked at you, eyes locking, and shared a smug, “Yeah, I got him”, enveloping you in her meanness.READ MORE

Comments on: "The Teacher Code of Silence:Yeah, We Have One Too!" (5)

  1. Very well said. I know exactly what you are saying, and it didn’t come across negatively at all. Being a teacher, I have found myself in that same position. I even went as far as to speak up my first year as a TA…yeah, that didn’t go so well. And when you have experiences like that, it makes it even harder to speak up–whether to administration (if necessary) or to the individual. Thank you for the reminder that we all DO have a voice and that we should use it! 🙂

    • Your first year? I know that did not go well at all! LOL

      • Lol, yeah, but I watched a teacher slap a kid. I couldn’t NOT say something!! It was just the right thing to do.

      • Wow! Thank you for stepping up and advocating for that child. It reminds me of a secretary many, many, years ago who was treated like crap after she reported a principal for spraying a kid with Lysol.

      • Yeah…I’m pretty sure that cost me a teaching job at that school, but I couldn’t live with myself if I kept it a secret. Several people told me not to report it, but I just had to. I’ve always told myself: the second that you stop being there and advocating for the children, it’s time to move on.

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