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Happy New (School) Year! I Resolve…

Have a wonderful 2013-2014!

 I resolve to:

  1. treat all students fairly, regardless of race, gender, age, behavior, a parent’s nasty attitude, the comments from last year’s teachers, or seemingly lack of interest in learning
  2. to realize that all children can learn, but not always at the same pace
  3. stop using sarcasm as a disciplinary tool, no matter how effective it may seem. READ MORE…

Teaching: My Passion is Not a Reflection on You!

My teenage son said to me, “Mom, do you realize that you are lucky to have your dream job? Most people hate their job”.

He’s right. I am extremely blessed to be able to do this job for 29 years, and still love it. This is the job I have wanted to do since I was that little girl. That girl, in her friend’s basement, attempting to teach the few kids we could scrounge up. READ MORE

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