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Operation Feedback! Just Give Me 30 Minutes a Week, and You Too Will Be an Amazing Teacher!

 I should have know something was wrong when the faculty meeting started with a video of Bill Gates EEE (Education Expert Extraordinaire) talking about what teachers need.
What does Bill think we need more than anything in the world? Feedback! I don’t see anything wrong with feedback, but on a Top 10 list of things teachers need, this is not it.


Happy New Year: An Educator’s Resolutions!


Have a Wonderful 2014!

 I resolve to:

  1. treat all students fairly, regardless of race, gender, age, behavior, a parent’s nasty attitude, the comments from last year’s teachers, or seemingly lack of interest in learning
  2. continue to follow Rita Pierson’s advice, and be a champion for my students
  3. to realize that all children can learn, but not always at the same pace
  4. stop using sarcasm as a disciplinary tool, no matter how effective it may seem. READ MORE…


The Gift of Teaching:The Joy of Doing What I Do!

Today, I am going to put on my blinders.

I am going to, for the moment, forget all that plagues public education.

Teaching is a gift.

Not a gift, as in, this is my calling (although I do believe it is), but a gift as in a present to and for me.:) It is indeed a gift to do what I do. …READ MORE

Every Kid Needs a Champion: Rita’s Words and This Little Girl!

That quote inspires me.

This little girl handed me a paper with her Dad and Mom’s contact information on it. It had their home phone number, cell phone number,  job number, and email addresses. I said, “I already have this information. Why are they sending it to me again?”

She responded, “Mrs.M, you have to understand, (this is how she speaks), for the past 4 years, my parents have been called for every single thing I did. They can’t understand why you are not calling them.”

I began on the path of champion for this little girl before she even entered my classroom.  Our relationship began the year before when she approached me with sheets of paper with her ideas for her magazine. Afterwards, I was asked to mentor her, and I tried. At the end of the year, I asked to have her placed in my class. I knew she was a “handful”, but I also suspected that this image of her was not all there was.

This little girl stood up at Morning Meeting on Friday, and announced that she had the application form for staff for her magazine(“KRM Magazine-Kidz Rule!”) ready. She wanted to know who was interested, 1/4 of the students raised their hands. I suggested Google forms and a student willingly agreed to help her set it up.

At the end of the day, she announced that the application was embedded on Edmodo and could be filled out over the weekend. Today, she announced who she had hired. My heart swells with pride about what she has accomplished, how she has turned around.

This little girl is by no means perfect, and neither am I. We understand each other. I care for her, and she knows this. She knows I want the best for her.

As we packed up today, I felt arms grab me from behind in a hug. This little girl. I am her champion. We are connected.

All I Want for Christmas:An Educator’s List!

When my siblings and I were younger, my parents had us write a list of everything we wanted for Christmas. Of course, raising 5 kids, we never got everything we put on that list. But it felt so good writing it because you knew you were going to get something on that list.

1.productive professional development throughout the school year – teacher-driven PD,what a concept!



Hour of Code: My Kids WILL CODE!


We missed the first 2 days of Computer Science Education Week because we had Snow Days. As much as I enjoyed those two days off , I was kinda bummed about not being able to have my class participate in the Hour of Code. READ MORE

November’s Popular Posts!

Is it really December already? 🙂

November was a very exciting month for our class because we had a visit from the governor. He observed, and participated, in a Mystery Skype to kick off American Education week! The kids and I loved that he was there to see us do what we do!

Think about trying at least one Mystery Skype this year, you 
won’t regret it!

Here are the top three popular posts for November:

Help!: I Cannot Do This “Education Thing” By Myself!

Creating a Caring Community in the Classroom: Morning Meeting!


Just Follow the Script:Teaching by Textbook!



I tried.

I really tried.

Maybe there is something wrong with me. READ MORE


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Productive Parent -Teacher Conferences: A P/T Form That Helps!

Year after year, I have tried to find a way to make my conferences more productive. I had attempted to find a way to share information with my parents so they had a clear understanding of where their child is. I had always felt frustrated, when after a parent had gone , and I would think, “Oh, I forgot to tell her/him….”  READ MORE

“If You Give a Teacher a Free Day…!”.: Allowing Professionals to Develop Independently!

This year, Monday and Tuesday were designated as Parent-Teacher Conference Days. If you didn’t get a large turnout, you had some down time. What’s a teacher to do?

If you look at PD days that are scheduled throughout the school year, you would be under the impression that teachers did not have a clue with what to do with “free” time. We are treated like children, and every single second of the day is booked. There is no “free” time given to the teacher, as if without the PD Agenda, our day would be a complete waste of time.Which is funny, because I feel like that at times, even with an agenda. READ MORE


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