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Questions for a Standardized Test: Maybe Your Allies Can Answer!

  • See the picture above, that’s my first question.
  • Why am I told to make anchor charts that my students use throughout the year, and then told to take them down during testing? Do you really believe that any of my anchor charts have answers on them?READ MORE

Seniority Has No Privileges:Eliminating Teacher Tenure!

I’ve always equated age with wisdom and I believe a veteran teacher has a lot to offer.

Of course, there are older teachers who refuse to change. They are teaching the way they used to be taught, and see the changes in education as
just another phase.  But there are a number of older teachers, myself included, who have changed, and shouldn’t be thought of as someone who should be put out to pasture. READ MORE…

If You Tell Them They’re Stupid: Our Kids Hear Every Word!

Sometimes I get frustrated with my class when it seems as if they are not listening to me.

You know. When 6 of them ask a question which had already been answered. Or when they ask you for directions after you have just given them.

I have my methods for dealing with those situations, but, it is frustrating, nonetheless.

The other day we were watching a video.READ MORE
photo credit: The U.S. Army via photopin cc

“Those Teachers Just Want a Day Off!”: Are Teachers Ever “Off”?

“Those teachers just want a day off!”

She didn’t know I was a teacher.She laughed it off when my husband and I told her. “Well, I guess I better
watch what I say about teachers then, huh?”

Too late. READ MORE

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