Writing my way through the school year!

 Ban Ki-Moon

Many times we allow stereotypes to rule our perceptions of others, whether it’s race, gender, or socioeconomic status. We allow these perceptions to cloud our judgment, and we make decisions based on these misconceptions. We believe if it is true of one, it is true of all. How unfair to the students who walk into our classrooms every day.

A child “living in poverty” seems to be a hot button issue right now, and rightly so. But how much do we let the fact that any of our students are living in poverty affect how we relate to them? How does the fact that our students are living in poverty, change the way we teach ALL of our students? READ MORE…

Comments on: "Just Because Our Students Are Living in Poverty…" (3)

  1. I was a teacher and my second career and had to leave because of the violence. Everything you’re saying is exactly what I wanted to say. You write eloquently. I’m assuming that you are the author of this blog. You did a great job with it. I started a blog Several years ago when I had just left teaching being brutalized by the administration and terrorized by mentally Ill student not taking her medication Who took the class hostage in a high school filled with Rikers Island students, and I protected the students and prevented violence when she try to focus and instead of getting acknowledged for it I was falsely accuse saying something I never said to her And provoking. It’s turndown that after investigation one of the most trusted honest student came forward and stated that it was a conspiracy of the girl and her friend writing for us testimony against and that I never said what they said, etc. and instead of being apologetic I got a letter stating that I need to be more careful in what I say to Students, when I had never said anything launch the student I was very careful . The adinistration was against me because I was a whistle blower, Although I tried to report problems with the dangers to the in varmint of the students and teachers, including rats in the converted classroom which was next to a lunch room, and yet the principal would not listen. I ended up having a small stroke and developing an autoimmune Illness from all of the stress. This was during the abusive era of the Bloomberg administration in New York City. My blog is mostly composed of articles related to public education, should look for my Google blog, I go by the name dynamic educator, and the blog used to be i”Ms. K’s New York City teachers complaint line, and then I change the name to something more positive. Off the top of my head I can’t remember what the title is, but you’ll find it.

  2. OK the name of my blog with Google is:

    “NYC teachers’ news and commentary line”… It is a Google blogger site.

  3. As a long-term veteran teacher forced out of teaching by those who are now “fixing” our schools with NCLB/ESSA testing laws — I must warn that “reform” has actually become a very frightening synonym for dumbing down teacher/student expectations.

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