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Student Voice = Student Passion: TED Talks Part 2

I could have assigned the Natural Disaster Research report

It would have been soooo much easier.

It’s already written. We’ve used it before.

It has a rubric, complete with strict guidelines on what must be included in order to get the best grade.

But I couldn’t do it. READ MORE…


A Mini Christmas Math Project- “12 Days of Christmas!”

Christmas is here!
Or the holidays, or whatever you call it.
But one thing is for sure, whatever you call it, the kids are excited, and you still have to teach!

So I figured, why not use something that goes with the theme? Something the kids could get excited about? Something that involved Math, but not endless computation or word problems?

The PNC Christmas Price Index was perfect for what I wanted to do.
They have a site for educators complete with lesson plans.
It’s geared toward middle and high school students, so I modified it for my 5th graders.READ MORE…

Paper,Pencil,Crayons, Learning, and Fun Projects Without a Computer!

Cause and Effect Game board

This was not my idea.

It was one of the ideas suggested for the “Green” group in the Harcourt Storytown series. I think it is a marvelous way to extend thinking! I gave it as a home assignment, but I also gave them a chance to work on it at home.READ MORE…


Who Doesn’t Love Shopping? Adding and Subtracting Large Numbers!

Adding and Subtracting Large Numbers
Hmmmm…How can I make adding and subtracting large numbers fun? What do I love almost as much as new technology? Shopping of course! And my students loved it as well!READ MORE…

“Getting to Know You Game” and “Fotobabble!” More “Getting to Know You” Activities!

I found FotoBabble in The Alice Mercer Daily. The one I made below will be embedded on our class blog and Edmodo. My students will create one as well. I will use their Fotobabbles to produce a slideshow…Read More

New Post:Top 5 Popular Posts of July 2012 on Blogger!

Jeopardy and Photopeach:Beginning of the Year Activities! I got this idea from the facilitator of a workshop I participated in last week. This is how she started the class, different categories of course, and I thought it was so cool! I asked her for a copy, and then realized I could use the online version of Jeopardy. Of course, you can use whatever Jeopardy you are comfortable with. I really like this one because you can edit easily, download, and/or share it. I left Textbooks blank because I would love a category that is more fun and /or interesting. Any ideas?...Read More

Boring Lessons? Revamp With Videos!

(Updated blog post)


I wanted to spice up my lesson on fact and opinion, but I wanted to make sure I was in the upper echelon of Bloom’s Taxonomy. At this point in their schooliverse, my students are well versed in writing F and O on a worksheet. Not because of me, because you know how I feel about worksheets. I wanted to step it up! What to do? What to do?…Read More


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