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There’s No Crying While Teaching!

I was watching a Geico commercial where  a pyschiatrist told his patient to “Man up!”.  Well, not in those words, but that’s what he meant. I laughed when he offered the patient the tissue box, and as he reached for it, he threw it past him. I know, that’s cruel, and what type of person must I be to find that funny?

Now, trust me, I know there are days with these kids that can make you cry,  I have seen kindergarten and second grade teachers cry. Not only do they cry in front of their students,  but then they get someone to cover their class, so they can go cry in front of the principal!

I recently read a cartoon where a boy says to his friend, “I’ve made teachers cry before, but this was the first time I made one sob!”:)

I feel your pain, but I also know that kids live for this moment. There’s nothing wrong with crying, but keep in mind, kids love to see the teacher cry. Once they make you cry, you are theirs for the rest of the year.  My sister still relates the story, with obvious glee,  about the time she made a teacher cry, and she’s 45.

With this in mind, I say with compassion, “Man up! Cry when you get home!”


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