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Data! Data!Data! and Presenting Playfully!

This post is twofold, a little about data and a little about a playful presentation about data.

We celebrate data, “Data Day!”, on June 11, this is a districtwide thing we got going on. Every school gets together as a staff and “celebrates” the data that we have gathered. I have nothing against data.  As a matter of fact, my team got a better understanding of how to use data to guide instruction this year. We used data to plan carousels(students travel from room to room to hit on a certain skill), focus on particular strategies, etc….

However,  I did have an issue with my new friend, data. In order to gain data, I had to assess my students, assess, assess, assess.  It became an endless round of assessing, and my students were sick of it! I can’t blame them. Formative tests, pre/post tests, DCAS, common assessments(district), universal screening… And then, guess who has to input the data if it is not on a scantron form?

That’s enough griping, on to the playful part! For Data Day, we have to “think outside the box” and highlight the data we are most proud of. I used Sliderocket  to “show off” our data. Below is the video I made with GoAnimate  and placed at the end of our presentation.  Sometimes you just have to have fun with these things or you will go crazy! LOL  Here’s something to think about next time you want to get your point across and have fun at the same time!



“Eggxasperating Acronyms Rule My School!”

Today was Data Day! Yeah!  We spent the day going over ALL the data we have gathered in the last month.

We had Chit Chat this morning. It’s when a team provides breakfast for the rest of the staff. My principal stayed up late writing on these eggs.

I guess it was meant as a joke, but to me it emphasized “too many eggs in one basket.”  Look at what is written on those eggs.  These are all the things we are forced to implement in our school, this year alone! No, I don’t find it funny at all. The demands they place on us are no “yolk” at all.

By the way, a Question Audit is when you gather questions from your colleagues, and then write them on Post-Its. (different colors by grade).  Then you place them under ,what you think, is the Bloom’s Taxonomy term it fits under. Then you look at it as a group, and discuss which grade is using higher order level thinking, and which isn’t, based on five questions you obtained in only ten minutes.

The best part of the day is when we were actually given some time to sit together as a team and collaborate, Sigh, you probably know eggxactly how I feel. 🙂

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