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What if all Educators Quit?

I have watched videos, read letters, and listened to testimonies from educators who have quit. Media outlets relentlessly lament the fact that teachers are quitting in droves.

I understand the “why” of quitting, except for the “no chance for advancement” part, as if being a classroom teacher is the bottom of the barrel and you have to work your way up from there. But let’s leave that to another post, shall we?



Popular Posts of 2014!

2014 was not a big year for writing for me.

But although I did not write often, you still read when I wrote.
So, thank you for continuing to read, and share, my thoughts.

Enjoy all the wonderful things that 2015 may bring, and defeat the obstacles that may challenge you!

Enjoy 2015!:)


November’s Popular Posts!

Is it really December already? 🙂

November was a very exciting month for our class because we had a visit from the governor. He observed, and participated, in a Mystery Skype to kick off American Education week! The kids and I loved that he was there to see us do what we do!

Think about trying at least one Mystery Skype this year, you 
won’t regret it!

Here are the top three popular posts for November:

Help!: I Cannot Do This “Education Thing” By Myself!

Creating a Caring Community in the Classroom: Morning Meeting!


Top July 2013 Posts!


Here is a review of the top July 2013 posts. If you missed any, here’s your chance to catch up!

The Teacher Code of Silence:Yeah, We Have One Too!You know you saw it. You saw her go up one side of him and down the other. You felt so bad for him. But what did you do? You walked past, eyes averted, hoping to save him from further embarrassment. She looked at you, eyes locking, and shared a smug, “Yeah, I got him”, enveloping you in her meanness. And you didn’t say a word, you continued to walk down the hall, carrying your guilt like a stone. READ MORE…

Popular Posts in May!

Teachers, Targets, and Test Scores!

New Post:Top 5 Popular Posts of July 2012 on Blogger!

Jeopardy and Photopeach:Beginning of the Year Activities! I got this idea from the facilitator of a workshop I participated in last week. This is how she started the class, different categories of course, and I thought it was so cool! I asked her for a copy, and then realized I could use the online version of Jeopardy. Of course, you can use whatever Jeopardy you are comfortable with. I really like this one because you can edit easily, download, and/or share it. I left Textbooks blank because I would love a category that is more fun and /or interesting. Any ideas?...Read More

Moving to Blogger!

Sorry to say I will be moving “Diary of a Public School Teacher” to Blogger. 😦
I love WordPress, but I also love embedding videos and using plugins, and I can do that on Blogger.
I will leave this blog in place, but will start all new posts on Blogger!
Please follow me @ Diary of a Public School Teacher!

“You Can Only Take 10 Posts With You…!” My Top 10 2011 Posts!

If someone said to me, “You can only take 10 posts with you to (make up a place). AND, they have to be from 2011, which posts are you going to take?

Here are my choices, in no particular order:

“Open Letter to President Obama: This is What Standardized Testing LOOKS Like”

My students had just finished taking  the Spring 2011 DCAS standardized test that day.  I was so upset, I came home, didn’t even take off my jacket, and wrote this.

“Mistakes Happen”

Teachers have to realize that we are not perfect.  We can make mistakes and still be great teachers. As a  matter of fact, great teachers own up to their mistakes.

“If Teachers Were Treated Like Celebrities: A Short Story”

I wrote this for fun! Wishful thinking on my part. (sigh)

“Sit Down, Let’s #Chat! (My Twitter PLN)

This year, I really took advantage of what my Twitter PLN had to offer, and you can too!

“10 Gifts a Teacher Can Give Their Students

Easy gifts. Cost nothing. Priceless.

“Work as Play! Kids Just Want to Have Fun!”

I don’t want to be bored at work, and I am sure my students don’t want to be either. Spice up those lessons!:)

“Parent Accountability:  Letter to a Parent  #2”
I was upset when I wrote this. Boy, did I have a group that year. But you know what, I still believe enabling is bad for our students!

“They Did Not Choose Their Parents”

I heard this at a PLC conference in AZ, and it has stuck with me ever since.  It has changed the way I view my students.

“What’s Love Got to do With It?…Ask Your Students!

Someone posted a comment that we do enough as teachers in response to the 10 Gifts post, I know we do.  But is showing a little compassion, caring, and warmth, really going to hurt?

“Happy New (School) Year! I Resolve…   An oldie, but goodie!

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