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“Tweets about Teachers!”

Ever wonder what’s being Tweeted about teachers?  I never did.  However, last night,   I did  a  Twitter  search for a site called “We Are Teachers.”   That’s where the fun began. Instead of getting their Twitter page, tons of tweets came up with the words,” we are teachers”  anywhere in the tweet.  I found some of them very amusing, and wanted to share them with you, I left out the ones with profanity.:) I wrote them the way they were written.  These are from students:

1.    “I can’t learn history from a teacher who was born in the 70’s.”

2.     “My PE teachers are retarded.  They need to realize that if they let us run the mile  WITH our Ipods we will be faster.”

3.     “options,options,options, BLAH BLAH BLAH we all know what the teachers want us to choose, even if they are saying that it’s “our choice”

4.     “Teachers are those who help us in resolving problems, which without them, we wouldn’t have.”

5.    “I mean it not like we are ever using what learned in school ever?’

6.    ” Ughhh, homework. We are not in college teachers.”

7.   ” OMG, I missed a weak of school and the teachers are freaking out…”

8.    “School is like jail, the cells are classes, the teachers are the security guards,and we are the prisoners.”

On a positive note: “Mistakes are like teachers, we learn from them.”

From adults:     ” Teachers on TV make all teachers look like schmuks.”

                               “Parents: News Flash!  Teachers are people with lives & families too.  We have emergencies just like you do. A little understanding would be nice.” (I think this one  is a teacher)


Parent Accountability! Letter to a parent.

Let’s think about this…. I have sent at least 5 Missing Homework letters home with your child and she has only been in school for about 6 weeks.  I called you, emailed you, and you did not respond.  Today you send  a letter asking me, not only to keep your child in from recess, but to send home extra work!  Ha, ha, ha!!!! All I could do is laugh! Your daughter than tried to convince me to send home extra “worksheets.”  Although I have given you the link, not once, twice, but three times, where I have provided access to a multitude of links and resources that your child can access at home. I post the homework EVERY DAY, so if you just took one minute, one minute, out of your busy day, you would know what homework your child has, and maybe,just maybe, you could make her do it! She doesn’t need extra work, how about it if she does the work I send home? Am I asking too much? I can not be the teacher at school and home, I have children too.  I make my child do his work, that is my job as a parent! Step up to the plate, parents, take back the responsibility of raising your child, I can’t do it all!

Protect Yourself!

Today, I allowed  the little boy in my class who has been extremely disrespectful to me,push my button!  I asked the students to take out their homework, and as usual, he didn’t have his.  Instead of admitting he didn’t have it, he decided to play the , “I have it, but I have to look for it” game.  I always tell my students, “Stop looking for your nonexistent homework.”  Most of them get a laugh out of it, not him. He stormed to his locker, grabbed his book bag, and slammed it into his chair, all while I was teaching. I told my class, “Excuse me!”. I grabbed his book bag and told him to follow me into the hallway.  I bent down towards him and told him that his behavior is unacceptable and he needs to get himself together.  I went in the room, and he stayed. I sent a student to get him, he said, “No.” I told him to come in, he said, “No.” My principal came and got him. He returned an hour later, pleased with himself. At lunchtime, I had a note in my box written by the child with a note at the bottom from my principal that said, “Please see me about __________________.”  The child’s note said, “I got mad because I was looking to see if I broung(sic) my homework, and Mrs.M threw my bookbag in the hallway.”   Luckily for me, the teacher across the hall was having small group in the back of his room, and he saw the whole thing.  I didn’t speak to my principal yet, so I really don’t know what he wants.  He is usually very supportive, so I think he’s just trying to find out what happened.  But it made me think about what could have happened, or the spin this child could put on what happened, if this teacher didn’t witness my interaction with him.  I’ll keep that in mind the next time, and there will be a next time, he pushes my button! By the way, he didn’t have his homework.:)

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