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Resources for Teaching Dr. MLK and Beyond!

Here are great resources you can use all year long! 

Black Media Archives podcast – You can find speeches from Dr.King. Great primary source! via @rolandsmartin

Tips, Tools, and Technology for Educators – MLK Resources

WGBH American Experience– Freedom Riders film (via FreeTech4Teachers)

Youtube Playlist of MLK videos via @jamestsanders

MLK Human Rights Lesson: Top 12 Quote Game via TeachHub

All About Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. and MLK Day – Internet4Classrooms

Black History Resources – Internet4Classrooms

Prominent African-Americans

 Best Websites to Teach and Learn about African-American History/Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day

Learn It In 5- MLK Digital Archives

Smithsonian Education- Black History Teaching Resources

EducationWorld- Black History

Please add any sites you use, or are aware of, to the comments section!


Twiducastic! Choosing to Chat!

Ok, I made that word up. And yes, I am a big fan of Twiducate! I registered for Twiducate a while ago, but rarely used it.  Lately though, I have been coming up with some cool ideas on how to implement it in my classroom.  Today we watched the film, “My Friend Martin.” The students watch it every year around King’s birthday, bit it never fails to make an impact. I wanted to do something different, something to make sure my students could talk about what they had seen.Enter  Twiducate Chat! I told my students when the movie was over, we would chat for 15 minutes about what took place in the movie. During the movie, I jotted down questions that I felt would promote critical thinking, I wanted to make sure the chat wasn’t a waste of time. Immediately, after the movie, all laptops opened,  ALL my students, even my lowest, contributed to the chat conversation. Most of the comments the students made to each other were thought-provoking and allowed the conversation to continue. When I told them to stop, they begged for more time. Some of my students made a point of using Vocabulary words when writing their comments. The conversations move along quickly, so  I printed the chat so that I could see exactly what was said, and who said it. Wonderful, wonderful activity! It’s a feature of Twiducate I plan to implement more often!

“35 Ways to Use Twiducate for Deeper Learning”

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