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Standardized Testing Stole Our Day!

I planned in advance and completely forgot that we were having the standardized Math test today! Bummer!
Wonderful plans put on hold….

This is what my students and I lost today because Standardized testing took a day from us…

The chance to read an article on Tweentribune and post comments and/or leave a comment on our Quadblogging friends website.
Sharing laughter over the Brainpop Joke of the Day and viewing/discussing the video offered on Wonderopolis.
Reinforcing the concept of multiplication clusters, which they struggled with. Having the students who were ready, create, solve, and post their original story problems using GoAnimate.
Reading “The Lemonade War” out loud, and discussing and sharing using Today’s Meet.
Having students work on their Reading Choice board activities.Read More…

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