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“Those Teachers Just Want a Day Off!”: Are Teachers Ever “Off”?

“Those teachers just want a day off!”

She didn’t know I was a teacher.She laughed it off when my husband and I told her. “Well, I guess I better
watch what I say about teachers then, huh?”

Too late. READ MORE


Have You Ever Left a Bad Taste in Your Parents’ and/or Students’ Mouths?


One day, many,many years ago, I traveled back to Brooklyn to visit my former colleagues. Afterwards, I took the subway downtown to do some shopping. As I waited to cross the street, a van pulled up. The woman rolled down the window, glared at me, and shouted, “There’s that b#%&* who gave my daughter a hard time!”( A vision of flailing fists flashed before my eyes) I didn’t recognize the woman. I couldn’t begin to tell you who her daughter was, but obviously this is how I was remembered.READ MORE




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