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Fabulous Phone Call!: Go Ahead, Make Their Day!(updated)

While attending the 2011 PLC summit, one of the presenters told us about an experience he had while watching Family Feud. The question was, “What is the reason your child’s teacher is calling your house?” Not one of the “right” answers were positive, not one! Two of the answers were, “Your kid is failing” and “Your kid skipped school”. These answers only served to reinforce the stereotype of parent/teacher communication; we’re the bearers of bad news…Read More


Praise! The Power of Positive Reinforcement!

I have a mousepad on my desk that lists  “101 Ways to Praise a Child”, it’s a wonderful tool. More than anything, I’ve found praise works wonders. Does it always work? Of course not, some children, you praise, and they get worse! But this year, I have a group of students who respond well to praise. I am in my third week of school, and all the behaviors are gone, they have magically disappeared! What magic is this, you ask?  The magic of praise! A few double high-fives, a dozen, “Wow, you’ve done a great job today”, and “It’s been a pleasure having you in my class today”, along with some self-rewarding pats on the back, has given me a roomful of children who glow in the warmth of my praise. I am loving it!  No rewards, no incentives, just a good old, “Yes, you’ve had a good day” that brings a smile that’s akin to a thousand suns on the face of a child who had originally irked me.So yes, my mousepad sits beneath my mouse, and with a quick glance, I bestow upon an unsuspecting child a word of praise.   If only it could be that simple every year. 🙂

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