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“Skype in the Classroom” Presentation (Updated)


Seeing as how SlideRocket is closing down, and I was presenting Skype in the Classroom at a tech conference, I decided to update my little presentation. Words of wisdom, take advantage of the Skype in the classroom site, it offers amazing opportunities for your students to engage in some “real world” learning!! READ MORE…


Increase Student Engagement with Skype in the Classroom!


This was a Guest Post written July 2012 on Free Technology for Teachers.

It’s always amazing to me how educators, can grab hold of something that wasn’t developed with us in mind, and make it our own. We have a knack for doing that, and we’ve done it with Skype. With Skype, educators are knocking down classroom walls,allowing our students the chance to hear from experts, and creating global learners. READ MORE…



Mystery Skype!:Connecting Our Classrooms One Skype at a Time!


My students and I had our first Mystery Skype with Ms.Young’s, (@flourishingkids), class from the state of ____________________. I can’t tell you, that’s the mystery. 🙂

The Mystery Skype project is when each class tries to determine where the other class is located. The benefits of this activity are endless, global connections, geography, integrating tech, communicating effectively, the list is endless!READ MORE

Global Learning: Helping to Prevent “The Ugly American” Stereotype!

“I have a nosy wife”.

My husband and I were sitting in the Windjammer Cafe on the Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas.
And I was doing what I usually do when I am around a large number of people. In between conversing with my hubby, I listen to conversations taking place around me. Read more…

photo credit: alles-schlumpf via photo pin cc

21st Century Engagement with Skype in the Classroom!


Skype in the Classroom:A SlideRocket Presentation!

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