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What is a PLC? (Professional Learning Communities)

I knew this time would come.¬†It’s presentation time, the punishment for attending the 2011 PLC Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. ūüôā Well, it was worth it. I have continued to use what I have learned and it’s paying off. Step by step, little by little.¬† Sooooo, this week we have to do an overview of what PLC is. We took a lot of our information from Solution Tree’s HUGE book they gave us at the summit. We COLLABORATED and came up with this Powerpoint. I also created an animated video using GoAnimate¬†using ¬†ideas we got from Dr.Anthony Muhammad. Check it out! And if you like, let me know what you think!

What is a PLC? Рtold in Powerpoint

(Check out the characters listed in Dr.Muhammad’s “The Quandary” in my animated video, “The PLC Bus”¬† ¬†http://goanimate4schools.com//api/animation/player
Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate4Schools. It’s free and fun!


PLC- “Please,Let’s Collaborate!”

That’s not what it means, it means Professional Learning Community, but it’s ¬†the essence of¬†this concept.¬† Teachers collaborating, working as a team for the better of our students.¬† I am in Phoenix, Arizona, attending the Solution Tree PLC Summit 2011, and boy has it changed the way I think. I honestly thought we were implementing PLC in our school, but, we aren’t there just yet. It was good to see that we are on our way though.¬† The biggest obstacle is CHANGE!¬† A lot of teachers resist it, and it makes it difficult to get them to see it for the good that ¬†it can do.¬† However,¬†my ¬†colleagues and I ¬†are going to try our best to persuade them to see¬†the ¬†benefits for¬†our students.In future posts, ¬†I will¬† share¬†the concepts I learned from this workshop. For now, I’m hungry, and I’m going to go out and enjoy Phoenix! ūüôā

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