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“Does It Always Have to be the “Good” Ones? Giving All Students a Chance!

I was talking to a high school teacher about the mentor program that was established between the 5th graders and the high school football team.

The response was, “Which football players?”

When I said I wasn’t sure, the response was, “I hope it’s not the ones I’m thinking about!. really hope it wasn’t those kids!” READ MORE…



Sometimes They Need to Let Us Know, That They Know…


Sometimes they need to know, that we know, that they are capable. Sometimes they need to know, that we know, that they are capable of so much more than what they might exhibit.


We switch classes for Literature Circles (Book Club), whatever you want to call it. I call it, “Let them read, and enjoy  a book time.” The kids in one group were asked to write a brief prediction about their story before they started.READ MORE..




What About Me, Mrs. M?:He’s Not the Child He Could Have Been!

After a trying morning with one of my students, I approached his desk. In a quiet voice, I let him know that I was disappointed in the behavior he had been exhibiting. At least I thought I was being quiet. I forgot that my students can hear everything I say when I am NOT talking to them…READ MORE

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