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Respect The Experience…Ageism in Education!

This is a society that does not, as a whole, respect experience.

Instead of viewing someone’s experience as something of value, oftentimes it is seen as worthless.

There is a huge difference between a 30 year teacher who is about to burn out, and a 30 year teacher who is still passionate about his/her profession.

But yet, they are treated the same.READ MORE


Why I (Continue to) Teach!


The other day I posted an article on Facebook that has received a lot of buzz.

It’s title, “Why Half of the Nation’s New Teachers Can’t Leave Fast Enough.”

After reading the comments, it’s not just the new teachers who are ready to get out.

I have been feeling that way myself, and it has absolutely nothing to do with my students.READ MORE…

Burned-Out? Please Reignite the Flame Or Get Out the Kitchen!

Usually what happens on Linkedin, stays on Linkedin, but this discussion topic warranted a post.  A teacher started a discussion regarding 50+ educators and survival tips. Many, many 50+ educators responded with wonderful, positive, ideas and comments about what they do in order to “survive” teaching. As a matter of fact, the responses weren’t even those of educators who are just “surviving”. Most of the teachers who responded, like me, are still passionate about teaching.

Somewhere along the line of reading the comments, one of the comments really bothered me, and this was my general response:

I think, as a teacher, when you reach the point where you can’t stand your job, you should find something else to do. I know it sounds harsh, but we are dealing with children…Read More

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