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“WeAreTeachers” Wants to GIVE Teachers Money!


 Check out this wonderful site. You will definitely find something you need!

        We Are Teachers  is a site to behold, pun intended, ideas, communities, and resources.  It is a site that shares ideas by teachers for teachers. Thousands of teachers get together on this site and share teaching ideas and best practices.  I am pretty new to We Are Teachers, so I haven’t had a chance to explore it as fully as I want to.  But one thing did catch my eye, the chance to win a grant for my classroom, just for posting an idea!  How cool is that?  This just doesn’t happen once, this is something they do all the time! You have to check it out yourself. Here’s what they’re about: “ WeAreTeachers provides a powerful online community for teachers, combining the expertise of our member community, the resources and knowledge base of our partners and the momentum of social media to recognize and reward innovative teaching ideas. With thousands of teaching ideas submitted for cash and prizes, WeAreTeachers offers a unique forum for innovation and collaboration.”




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