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Sometimes the Technology Doesn’t Work!


Yesterday was our first Mystery Skype of the year.
My class was hyped!
Earlier, I tested my webcam, and everything was in order.
It did cross my mind to contact the teacher and do a practice run, but that thought went out of my head as quickly as it went in. (Note to self:Always do a practice run!) READ MORE


“Real Life” Vs. Technology!


Saturday was our annual cookout. Fun, food, family, and friends! Good times.:)

As I was walking past the group on the deck, I noticed they were passing around a tablet.

When I asked what they were doing they replied that they were playing Scrabble.

I pointed to the table below, and yelled, “There’s a “real life” Scrabble game sitting on that table!”

They ignored me and continued to pass the tablet.

My 23 year old felt the need to remind me that this was 2014.READ MORE…

I Symbaloo, Do You?

I always heard people talk about it, but I never really bothered to check it out.

Our presenter at a tech workshop, John Kuglin, introduced it to me, and I LOVE it!

Here’s one I started. Still have a lot more sites to add to it!READ MORE.


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