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Making “Tenure” a Bad Word Helped Steal “Due Process!”



If you say something enough times, most people will believe it.


Not only will they believe it, but they will embrace it, passionately.


They will, foolishly, repeat, word for word or maybe improvise with their own words of wisdom, every bit of nonsense they have heard from “them.” They will own it.


And there begins the story of how “tenure” became a bad word. Tenure became something evil that “those lazy, 3 months off, every holiday, 4 hours of prep(I actually read this in a comment),horrible, horrible, teachers”, are using to keep their jobs! READ MORE…


That’s the mantra, right?


Seniority Has No Privileges:Eliminating Teacher Tenure!

I’ve always equated age with wisdom and I believe a veteran teacher has a lot to offer.

Of course, there are older teachers who refuse to change. They are teaching the way they used to be taught, and see the changes in education as
just another phase. ┬áBut there are a number of older teachers, myself included, who have changed, and shouldn’t be thought of as someone who should be put out to pasture. READ MORE…

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