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101 Web 20 Tools for Teachers!

“Word of Mouth” Teacher Tech Tools and Resources!

You know how it works. I tell my friend, she tells her friend, and so on and so on, and pretty soon everyone knows about that party on campus! Well, I don’t have a party to tell you about, I just want to share a few tools and resources, I “discovered” and am very excited about. And for my readers who are wondering, “She just found out about that?”, maybe you can share ideas of how you have been using them in your classroom. Showoffs! ūüôā

Audiopal – ¬†This one I got from a blogger named Porter Palmer. Her post is, ¬†“Favorite Things:Audiopal. Thanks Porter! This is so cool! As soon as I found it, as with most Web 2.0 tools, I put it to use. ¬†It’s a FREE website audio player. Here’s what attracted me, it’s free, you can embed it, I can record by phone (which I did), mic, MP3 upload, or text to speech. Check it out!

ClassDojo¬†– This site was shared in an Edmodo community. As a matter of fact ClassDojo¬†has their own community within Edmodo. I asked one of the creators why I had never heard of it, he said they were pretty new. Well, the word is out, people are all ¬†” aTwitter” (get it?) about it! In a nutshell, class management that is simple and fun! With this site, you can award and reward behavior right away! You have to see it in order to understand how it works, but it’s worth taking a look!
TypeWith.me   A tweet from HPTeach Exchange led me to this one. It was posted on the Teacher Experience Exchange website. Another resource I did not know existed. TypeWithme provides real time collaboration on a document , has chat, can be exported as a document  of your choice, a slider shows revisions that have been  made, no account or sign up required. Here is a simple tutorial to help you understand how it works.
TubeChop¬†– I checked it out yesterday after seeing it mentioned in a tweet, again, from HPTeachExchange. ¬†It’s just what it says, it chops videos in order to enable you to show ¬†the part of the video you choose. If you’re interested, watch this tutorial.

A number of Teacher Resource sites have also been brought to my attention. I don’t think we can ever have too many places where we can get new ideas. ¬†TeacherTime123, TeacherCast.net, and ¬†USATodayEducation.

If you have “discovered” anything new, do us a favor and post the link. Thanks!


Creating Global Learners! Projects and ResourcesThat Knock Down Classroom Walls!

With the technology we have today, a one-room classroom should no longer exist! All of our students are capable of being or becoming global learners.  We have the ability, using any, or all, of the Web 2.0 tools available, to knock down our classroom walls, and allow our students the chance to collaborate with students in their state, or the world.  During the 2010 school year,  I took advantage of many resources, SKYPE, Epals, Kidblog, (in conjunction with comments4kids), and the various Edmodo communities.  All of  these resources allowed me the chance to reach out to teachers all over the world, and have their students interact with my students. This year I am going to add  Collaborize Classroom as another tool to extend my classroom.

Here are two projects that I have already joined, and one I have created.¬† I’m excited!¬† Please feel free to add your class to any of these projects!

1.   Mystery State Skype project РThis project is run by a teacher I met on Edmodo.  Our classes were pen pals, and she and I had a chance to meet F2F at the ISTE convention in Philly. Teachers set up a Skype conference and use information they have researched, to guess what state the other class is from.  This can be done with all the teachers who have signed up. When your call is done, you can continue your collaboration with any of the teachers throughout the school year!

2.¬†¬†¬† Global Read Aloud project 2011¬†– This is my first time being involved with this project, although it is not the first time it has been done.¬†¬†¬†The¬†Global Read Aloud¬†¬†project¬†is exactly what it says. A book is chosen, and students from all over the world interact to discuss this book. The project is divided into a K-3 book, and 4th and up(“Tuck, Everlasting”)The teachers¬†choose the media they wish to guide discussions, Skype, online learning platforms, email, glogs, the sky is the limit! I¬†believe this will be a wonderful learning experience for my class!

3.¬†¬†¬†¬†” Penpals Who Write” project¬†– Teachers who are interested in having their class¬†WRITE another class, please sign up and connect! Web 2.0 is acceptable, but you must write letters, that’s part of the experience.¬† I had two pen pal classes¬†last year and it was a wonderful experience.¬† Not only did we interact using Web 2.0 tools, but we actually wrote letters and mailed them¬†to each other.¬† Have you ever witnessed the excitement of a student when they receive their¬† letter?¬† How about the anticipation of waiting for the next one? Priceless! This was definitely a project that opened their world and helped improve their writing skills. You can also join the group I have created on EduPLN.

If you know of a project for the upcoming school year, please add it! Let’s move those walls!

“Share Global Classroom Projects” on Lino

WEB 2.0 Smackdown @Edubloggers Con/ ISTE11 LiveBinder and Jog the Web!

I attended my first Edubloggers¬†Con at ISTE11¬†today.¬† One of my favorite moments was the smackdown. Teachers voluntarily chose to get up and share a tool in 3 minutes. If I hadn’t been such a chicken, I would have shared WatchKnow, but I wasn’t brave enough.:)
Thanks to all the presenters that got up there and shared! I took all the sites they shared and put it in this Livebinder. Enjoy!

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