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Why I Teach!

There is always a moment when something happens in the classroom that makes you realize why you teach! Sometimes, after dealing with parents, administration, parents, people who want to take away collective bargaining, you get fed up, and you forget.  But every once in a while, it happens.  That moment when you choke up, and say, “This is why.”  Now, what happens may be a small thing to others, they don’t understand your experience.

In a previous post, “They Did Not Choose Their Parents“, I talked about a student who was out every Monday, and I would fuss at him. After attending the 2011 PLC Summit, I made adjustments, and yes, he was out again another Monday. I did not fuss, as a matter of fact, I gave him time to catch up, and was very patient.

The other day, in honor of Women’s History Month, my kids posted on their blogs, “A Woman I Admire.”  “R” came to me and said, “Mrs.M, is it okay if I write about you?”

I smiled and said, “Sure” You know I was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

This is what he wrote:  A woman I admire is my teacher Mrs.M. The reason I admire Mrs.M is that she is a wonderful teacher and she never gives up on us. Another reason I  admire  her is that she knows that you can do well and she inspires you to do well in school. So that’s some reasons I admire Mrs.M.

I wrote:  Thank you R.  I am so proud of the way you have turned yourself around! You are a bright, wonderful, young man, keep up the good work!

He responded:  Thank you Mrs.M  for saying that about me your a (sic) really great teach.

Need I say more?  That is why I teach!


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