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Hmmm… HOW (P)INTEREST(ing)!

As I read my tweets, talk about Pinterest kept appearing in various Tweets. It appeared in blogs and links, and it seemed that everyone, eveverywhere, was talking about it.   I took a quick look, wasn’t that interested, and left the site.

I returned to the site after I posted , “How Do You Know You’re a Teacher? by Jeff Foxworthy and it ended up pinned, pinned, and repinned, my pinterest was piqued. ūüôā The number of people who visited my blog,  just from viewing it on someone’s  Pinterest board was amazing!  I sheepishly went back to this site I had previously dismissed, and found out I had to request an invitation. Fortunately, they didn’t know I had dissed them earlier,  and  I was accepted into the Pinterest flock with open arms!:)

I like it, I really like it! My first task was to start pinning blogs I like to keep up with. No way, I could get all of them at once, but I think I’ m off to a good start.  Next, I will pin some resources I use, and then I’ll pin a few Pinterest education sites I’ve come across, and then… Well, you get it…

Another great advantage of Pinterest is the number of Education boards out there! I have been clicking through the referrals on my site and have come across some really interesting ones that I am now following. I have my little pinmarklet embedded on my toolbar, ready and waiting, to pin the next good thing that comes along! Pin It


It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, No It’s Cybraryman!

One thing I have learned to do is to lean on others, and not try to do everything myself.¬† I love technology, and I could sit, literally, for hours in front of my computer, looking for techy things to do with my class.¬†¬†However,¬†¬†having ¬†a husband and a child who would like some of my time, it is not possible. (Well, at least not until I’m off the school year.)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Anyway, I have fallen in love with Cybraryman, educationally in love, of course. ¬† I find what he does¬† absolutely amazing!¬† I know people probably wonder where he finds the time to do what he does. Personally, I don’t care, as long as he keeps doing it. ūüôā¬† He chooses a subject, most¬†tech related, but not just limited to tech stuff.¬† He then proceeds to develop a list, a very long list, of links that correlate with that subject.¬† I mean, can you ask for anything more? It’s a one-stop shopping list!

I conducted a workshop on wonderful websites.¬†Unfortunately,¬†¬†because¬†I teach 5th grade,¬† I didn’t have too many Primary education sites.¬† I made sure I included the Cybraryman Primary Education site¬†¬†on the ¬†Jog the Web¬†I shared with the staff.¬† The K -2 teachers did not visit any of the other sites I had listed, they stayed on his site ¬†during the entire workshop. He’s that good!

At this point, you might be thinking, did he pay her to say all these things? Nah! I follow him on Twitter, and every time he posts a link, I am on it ! (¬†http://twitter.com/#!/cybraryman1).¬†He has so many sites, I decided to create a Cybraryman¬†Livebinder of his sites. All Cybraryman, in one place. As he creates them,¬†I will add them.¬† With all that we have to do, it’s wonderful to know there is someone out there willing to make our job easier.¬† ¬†Thanks Cybraryman!

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